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Unveiling Your True Self: How Human Design Empowers You To Embrace Your Authenticity

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Have you been living your life by wearing different masks depending on the people and situations you find yourself in?

Have you ever found yourself agreeing with opinions and thoughts of others just to keep the peace or make sure you don’t stand out from the crowd?

If so, you’re not alone! Many of us find it difficult to be our true self because we have been raised to value what others think and say about us. As humans we like to belong and one way of doing that is to fall in line with the people around us.

I found myself doing this very thing for most of my twenties and thirties because I’d been raised in a culture and society that valued belonging rather than being one’s true self. In fact those that I knew who were being true to themselves were often outcast or called ‘weird’. At the time that was something I didn’t want as it brought too much unwanted attention and so I made sure to keep myself under the radar.

However, being under the radar also led to me feeling resentful, unsatisfied, bored, depressed and anxious. I was always looking for something more. Something different. I wanted to meet people who would expand my thinking rather than being negative about everything going on in their lives. The more I kept my true self and my desires to explore under wraps, the more short-tempered and judgemental I became. This was not who I saw myself being for the rest of my life.

Fast forward to 2020. Whilst most of the world was in the midst of a global pandemic, I was using my isolation to do self development work. It was through this that I discovered Human Design. Due to the pandemic and in person events being cancelled, a group of Australian women decided to hold a free online retreat. This covered wellness, spirituality and self-development. One of the speakers covered the topic of Human Design. It was the first time I had heard of it and it sparked an immediate interest in me.

After the session, I started to research what Human Design was and why it was drawing my attention. I haven’t looked back since!

Human Design is the ‘Science of Differentiation’. The system as we know it was channelled by Ra Uru Hu over a period of eight days and eight nights in 1987 on the island of Ibiza. Human Design uses our birth date, birth time and birth location to produce the BodyGraph, our own unique chart that contains the blueprint to our true selves. (You can get your free chart at

How does Human Design help to unveil our true self?

Energy Type

The BodyGraph gives us our unique Energy Type. There are five Energy Types. You can read more about them in my blog post ‘Human Design Types’.

These Energy Types indicate how our energy is used, amplified, and recharged. It is the way that we be in this world according to our energy.

Strategy and Authority

Each of the five Energy Types also has its own Strategy. This is the way that particular Energy Type responds to the world around them.

Manifestors: Initiate

Generators: Respond

Manifesting Generators: Wait, inform and respond

Projectors: Wait for the invitation

Reflectors: Wait a Lunar Cycle

In addition to the Strategy, each of us also have Authority. The Manifesting Generators amongst us all have an Emotional Authority, and Reflectors all have Lunar Authority. For the other Energy Types, the Authority is dependant on defined Centres in the BodyGraph and differs from person to person.


The energy Centres of the BodyGraph indicate where we have consistent or inconsistent energy. We are usually attracted to those who have different defined centres to us, making up a ‘whole’.

Reflectors do not have any defined Centres as they take in the energy from the environment and people around them in order to reflect this back into the world.


The placements of the different planets at the time of our design and our birth determine the Gates we have in our BodyGraph. Each of these can be thought of as personality traits that we are either conscious of or that others see in us more clearly.

Gates all have a high and low expression meaning they will show up in our lives in certain ways depending on whether we have deconditioned from the influences of the world around us or whether we still have self development to go through.


Wherever two Gates connect, a Channel is created. Each Channel represents the theme or gift that will run through our lives. As with the Gates, each Channel has a high and low expression and depending on where we are in our lives, these themes and gifts will present themselves in different ways.

These are the basic areas of the BodyGraph that can show us the uniqueness of ourselves. There are many other areas, nuances and layers to the BodyGraph that can be explored. If this is something that you would like to do, you can book a consultation call with me here.

Even these few areas produce an abundance of information about your true self. Using the information can empower you to embrace your authenticity. Many clients tell me that discovering their Human Design was the permission slip to finally be themselves.

Having a Human Design reading can show you where there is still conditioning from your younger years. You get to work on this to embrace your true self and live life according to your design. Your BodyGraph is your unique blueprint. There is no one else on this earth who is the same as you. There are nuances to your personality and your gifts. It is up to you to seek these out and embrace them so that you can be the truest and most authentic version of yourself.

When I had my first Human Design reading I was brought to tears. I finally understood myself. I finally understood that all the things I had been through had brought me to this point and that they were all for a reason.

My reading also showed me where I was still holding onto limiting beliefs and also the beliefs of others and where both were blocking me from living the life I wanted.

Human Design empowered me to embrace my authenticity. It gave me the permission slip to be myself. It has helped me transform my life from one where I followed the crowd, to stepping into my individuality and creating a life I love, something that I am now passionate about helping others to do.

If you would like to see how Human Design can help you to transform your life, you can book a consultation call with me here.

Much love,

Harmesch x

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