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Are you feeling:
exhausted by the end of each day;
anxious about where your life is heading; or
at a point where you know something has to change?

Do you find it challenging to find the confidence to make decisions and take actions that would move you and your life forward?

Being in a period of your life where change is on the horizon can feel liberating. 
It can give you a sense of hope and excitement for a new version of you.

Fear of the unknown or lack of confidence can hold you back from taking the first step forward to the next phase of your life.

It's understandable that you may be...​

  • Worried about slipping back into old belief patterns and behaviours which will keep you stuck

  • Feeling doubtful whether anything will work because you constantly find yourself back at square one

  • Feeling overwhelmed with the options available to you and so you don't know which one option to take for the best

  • Feeling shame that you're not where you thought you would be as you watch family or friends progress in their own lives

Me outside a deli

I want you to give yourself some credit...

  • You’ve come a long way from where you were

  • You no longer see yourself as a victim but someone who is ready to take their life back

  • Life no longer has the heavy feeling you have been used to

  • You know you are the one with the power to change your life

  • You know that you're not the same person you were and you're slowly discovering who you want to be

My clients typically fall into 3 categories 

They want to find their PURPOSE

They want to have more CONFIDENCE

They want to be HAPPY

I know there are challenges you are still facing...

  • You feel unsupported by loved ones and those closest to you which keeps you in the same patterns and routines you've had up until now

  • You feel despondent because life doesn't seem to be changing even though you've been doing what all the books and courses have been telling you to do

  • You're losing hope because everything you've tried so far doesn't feel like it's worked

  • You don’t feel confident in your decisions or plans so you spend time procrastinating or avoiding decisions altogether

  • You want to know the outcome of any decisions you make and this keeps you in research mode rather than taking action towards what you want 

  • You feel as if you don't have a purpose 

What you're looking for is...

  • clarity in your decisions so that you have a pathway to follow and explore

  • a way to rebuild your life so that you no longer feel as if 'this is it' or that you have to constantly look for ways to improve your life

  • to put what you've already learned into action in a way that doesn't make you feel judged or shamed

  • support and guidance from someone who has already experienced what you're going through so that they can show you the pitfalls and encourage you when it gets a little tough


I help my clients to ...

  • implement decision making strategies that work for them and which reduce their overwhelm and fear

  • rebuild their relationship with themselves so that decision making and action taking don't cause resistance

  • create a life that they feel excited to wake up to each day

  • build the confidence to speak up and try new things without feeling judged or wanting to slip into old patterns or habits

  • navigate the transition from their old life to their new life in a way that doesn't feel impossible to sustain

  • let go of old identities blocking them from moving forward and living a life in line with their values

I have been where you are... 


Experiencing depression and anxiety for over half my life left me lost and uninspired. I knew I couldn't go back to my old way of life, but I didn't know how to build a new way of life that would have me excited and hopeful.

Once I took a stand for my own life and chose to be happy, I started making decisions that let me explore what life could look like. 

I'm now living a life I enjoy waking up to every single day. I have a decision making process that works for me and has landed me great opportunities and experiences.

I'm a nervous-system informed coach who believes that any type of change and transformation needs to be considered alongside our nervous systems if we are looking for long term change.




Start with



Acknowledge & acceptance of where you are


Curiosity, exploration and collection of evidence


'...she has a special way of calling me forward and holding me to my highest standard. She holds me with so much integrity and is an embodiment of the work she has done.'

Laniece - USA

'...Thank you for all the support and fun. Thank you for being my inspiration in merging a soft vulnerability and fine perspective on me with your rock solid, grounded intuition. Thank you for witnessing me grow free!'

- Anne - Germany

'Working with Harmesch gave me the clarity, confidence and motivation to achieve my career goals. She helped to focus my mind on what was important to push myself to the next level. Harmesch gave me direction and brought passion back into my life!'

- Jess - UK

The Programme

2 x coaching sessions each month 

Support in-between sessions via Telegram 


In Person sessions

EFT sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the programme?
  • This is a minimum 4 month investment. 6 and 9 month options are available. Please book a discovery session to discuss your individual needs.

Will I be taught Nervous System Work?
  • Although I am a nervous system informed coach, this is not a teaching programme. You may be given exercises to compliment coaching, but you will not be taught nervous system work in a way that enables you to teach this to others.

  • If you are looking to specifically learn about the nervous system, I recommend finding a coach/teacher who specialises in mentoring people who wish to use this work with their own clients.

What is expected of me?
  • You will get out of the programme as much as you wish to put in.

  • I encourage clients to be patient with themselves and allow themselves curiosity and exploration. 


What work will I be expected to do in between sessions?
  • This is dependant on what we discuss in your coaching sessions. You may be offered inner reflection work, some physical practices or active practices, but ultimately you get to choose.

  • I would advise setting time aside each day or week to dive into any work offered.

  • I am here to support and guide you, but you ultimately get to choose what feels good and beneficial for you.

What are the In Person sessions held?
  • These are held in London, UK.


I’ve done other coaching/self-development before which didn’t give me the results I wanted. How do I know this isn’t like other coaching programmes?
  • I support you with your nervous system as well as using traditional coaching methods. This sometimes means that ‘breakthroughs’ are more subtle than you may experience with other programmes.

  • I encourage my clients to visualise how they want to feel at the end of our time together. We will set any desires together and which will be driven by you. Focus will be on the feeling rather than the outcome.

  • I empower my clients to build self confidence and self trust so that actions and decisions are made from nervous system safety and that you can continue to grow and progress once our time together is complete.


What happens if I haven’t made much progress at the end of our time together?
  • No coaching programme can guarantee results. My aim is to help you feel supported and safe as you make decisions and progress towards your goals.​

  • Progress is also dependent on the work you do outside of our coaching sessions, something you get to choose.

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