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Ever wondered who you truly are?


Are you ready to learn who you were born to be?

Are you ready to learn what really makes you tick?

Are you ready to learn how to live a life of ease and flow?

If so, I invite you to explore Human Design...

Human Design is the science of differentiation.

Each of us is UNIQUE.


We all have our own way of BEING in this world.


We each have a set of gifts and talents and themes that run through our lives.


Up until now:

  • You have felt that you are flawed in some way

  • Your decisions have been 'hit or miss'

  • You have been following societal 'norms'

  • You haven't really believed that you can have the things you really desire in life

  • You've lacked direction or purpose

All this has done is keep you living a limited life where you have followed the crowd. You are suffering the same unhappiness, lack of purpose and discontent as everyone else. 

What you desire is...

  • To be the real YOU

  • To find your purpose

  • To find direction

  • To understand yourself more deeply

  • To find your gifts and talents

  • To accept who you are



  • Finding the decision making system that works for YOU

  • Having a blueprint for your next steps in life

  • Knowing which talents and gifts to explore and pursue

  • Having the permission slip to be YOU


'...I really didn't know what to expect... I was pleased, astonished and surprised. The information is technical but also relatable and understandable. Harmesch gave me a clear, practical input in what to do with the information. It has been a pleasure making use of the information I got and having grace with myself.'

- Anne - Germany

Want to know more about Human Design?

Here are some articles I have written which will give you a bit more insight..

Human Design Readings

You will receive a personalised Human Design Reading (PDF Document)

1 x 2hr follow up call

2 months of support via Telegram App

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Human Design?

  • Human Design is the science of differentiation giving us the blueprint to our uniqueness.

How do I find out my Human Design?

  • You can create your BodyGraph (Human Design Chart) for free at Jovian Archive.

How can a Human Design Reading help me?

  • Human Design is your unique way of being in this world. A reading will give you a depth of knowledge about yourself that you can apply to any area of your life, whether that is business, career or relationships.

What do I need to have a reading?

  • ​You need your Birth Date, Birth Time and Location

What if I don't know my exact birth time?

  • A BodyGraph can still be produced and you will be able to get a majority of the information that can help in your life. However the birth time is important as it can change some of the more layered elements of the Human Design Reading.

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