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Human Design Types

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Do you know your Human Design Type?

Human Design is having a moment. Perhaps you’ve seen posts on Instagram or Pinterest. Perhaps it’s something a friend or colleague has mentioned to you and your curiosity has been piqued. Before I discuss the Human Design Types, let me explain briefly what Human Design is.

Human Design is known as the ‘Science of Differentiation.’ It was downloaded by the founder of Human Design, Ra Uru Hu, over an 8 day period in 1987. What he transcribed over eight days and eight nights is what we know as the Human Design System.

The System synthesises two types of science: The Ancient Wisdoms of Astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, the Hindu-Brahmin Chakras and the Tree of Life from the Zohar/Kabbalist tradition and the contemporary disciplines of Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, Genetics and Biochemistry.

It is not a belief system, as such, but it gives us the opportunity to explore and experiment with the information we discover about ourselves. We are ever evolving and Human Design allows us to discover what works for us, rather than give us rules to live by.

So, now you know a bit about the background of the System, lets get on to the Human Design Types. In order to find out your Human Design Type, you must first ensure you have the following data:

  • Birth Date;

  • Birth Time; and

  • Birth Location.

Once you have these, head over to Jovian Archive to get your Human Design BodyGraph (chart).

Your BodyGraph will look something like the above, but as we are all unique, your chart will have different parts defined. You will be able to find out your Human Design Type from this chart.

There are five Human Design Types:

  • Manifestors;

  • Generators;

  • Manifesting Generators;

  • Projectors; and

  • Reflectors.

Each Type operates differently in terms of auric frequency. Our aura surrounds us and enables us to connect in a non-verbal way with others. It’s as if our auras are the ones speaking to each other, and not us as individuals!

Each aura has it’s own Human Design Strategy and is how our aura can successfully interact with the other auric Types around us. Our Strategy is how we are genetically designed to operate and access the energy available to us in all areas of our life.

Lets look at each Type in more detail.

The Manifestor Human Design Type

Being a Manifestor is rare; less than 10% of the population are this Human Design Type. Manifestors held the role of rulers until we transitioned from 7-centred beings into 9-centred beings. We now live in a Generator dominated society which leaves Manifestors looking at ways in which to integrate their independence and power to impact others.

A Manifestor is independant, able to initiate action and impact others. However, this can make the other Human Design Types uncomfortable. It’s not unknown for the Manifestor to feel as if they are being controlled and when they feel this way, it can lead to anger and rebelliousness.

Manifestors are happy to be alone, creating what they want for themselves; they don’t require anyone else to do this for them. They find it hard to grasp why others are so interested in what they are doing, all they want is the peace to get on with what they want to do. Unfortunately, for the rest of us, we need Manifestors to initiate things so that we can collectively contribute to the things they dream about.

It is important therefore, that Manifestors inform those around them of what they are planning or working on, so that resistance from others is relaxed and they can get on with what they are doing.

The Generator Human Design Type

The Generator Human Design Type is the dominant Type in society today making up approximately 37% of the population.

Generators have a great capacity for creativity and stamina. This makes them a desirable commodity. Due to meeting resistance and failure to mimic the Manifestor, Generators have been known to submit to Manifestors, who forced them into the role of builder of our civilisation.

Although Generators are still considered the builders today, they are more awake and aware of their own potential which frees them from any kind of oppression. They know what they are here to do and love doing it.

A defined Sacral Centre gives the Generator their life force energy, and by doing exactly what they love to do and spending their day exhausting this energy in a way they love, a Generator will reach satisfaction with their life. Generators have the ability to perfect tasks or skills as long as it is something that interests them.

If a Generator is spending substantial amounts of time and energy on something that they do not enjoy, or does not light them up, there is a real potential for burn out. Doing the things they love gives the Generator their energy in a positive way.

Once committed to something, a Generator will find it difficult to pivot and change direction. It is therefore important for the Generator to ensure that what they are doing, be it a hobby, work, or relationship, that it is something that their Sacral has given the go-ahead to.

The Manifesting Generator Human Design Type

Manifesting Generators are a variation of the Generator and make up approximately 33% of the population. They are more Generator than Manifestor even though they have the ability to initiate in the same way that Manifestors do.

Similar to the Generator, the Sacral provides the Manifesting Generator the indication of whether something is right for them, but due to their impatience they tend to bypass what their Sacral is trying to tell them. This gives them an efficiency to see what is really necessary, but this is a double-edged sword for this Human Design Type. Their efficiency can see them missing out steps and having to retrace what they have done and complete what they have missed. This can lead to frustration as they then have to slow down.

Manifesting Generators need to feel satisfied with life, using up their Sacral energy by the end of each day. Like the Generator, this is done through doing what lights them up and brings them joy. They have the ability to pivot and this sometimes makes the Manifesting Generator look like they can’t commit to just one thing.

Spinning plates is a gift of the Manifesting Generator, as long as those plates are all things that they find interesting and bring them joy!

The Projector Human Design Type

Projectors are classed as a non-energy Type due to not having a constant or reliable means of manifesting or generating energy. They make up approximately 21% of the population and are here to guide the other energy Types.

Up until the last century, positions of leadership have been dominated by the Manifestor and Generator Human Design Types. There has been a shift in recent times, and the future will see Projectors moving into these leadership roles to take society in a different direction. The other energy Types will need to invite the Projector to guide them.

This is where Projectors can feel frustrated or bitter. They are waiting to be seen and recognised for the gifts and talents they possess so that they can help the rest of us. But if they are not invited to share these gifts first, they can often be ignored and left out of conversations where they may have a great impact.

Projectors connect with people on an energetic level and if they are not careful, taking on the energy of others can mean they end up losing themselves.

The Reflector Human Design Type

Reflectors are the rarest of energy Type and make up approximately 1% of the population. They have no defined centres and process and experience energy in a different way to the other energy Types.

Due to being able to sample, reflect and judge everything around them, Reflectors mirror what they experience. They do this by sharing what they have discovered in an objective way. This is how the Reflector is noticed, by sharing what they see.

It is difficult sometimes for Reflectors to know who they are as they take on and amplify the energy of those around them. When they know their own Design more clearly, they are able to avoid identifying with the things they take in through their open aura.

Every day is different for a Reflector, and they exude a care-free and joy-filled nature, living in the wonder of each and every moment. They can feel as if they are not understood and are not encouraged to embrace their uniqueness. This will lead them to give in to expectations of others so that they can ‘fit in’.

Reflectors are the only Lunar Type, the rest of the energy Types being Solar Types. This means that Reflectors are working on the cycle of the moon. Their clarity to act on an invitation or opportunity will come as they go through the lunar cycle.

I have barely scratched the surface with the Human Design Types, as there are further nuances such as Strategy and Authority that make each Type different. Can you see yourself in any of the Types that I’ve outlined?

If you would like to know how to work with your Human Design Type, get in touch by booking a discovery call with me.

Much love,


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