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If you know anything about Human Design, you will know that there are five energy types. Manifestors, Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors and Reflectors. You can learn a little more about these energy types in my blog post: ‘Human Design Types’. If you don’t know your Human Design Type, you can go to and use your birth data (birth date, birth time and birth location) to download your free chart.

In this blog, I’ll be talking about embodying the Manifesting Generator energy type. I am a Manifesting Generator and it’s something that I’ve been using in my day to day life for the past two years. The more I understood and used my energy, the more my life has flowed and brought me amazing opportunities to tap into.

First lets get into what a Manifesting Generator energy type is.

Manifesting Generator (Man Gens) energy is a unique and powerful force that combines the traits of both Manifestors and Generators. Man Gens are natural multi-taskers who possess an innate ability to create and manifest their desires into reality. The energy of Man Gens is characterised by its speed, adaptability, and efficiency. When Man Gens are in alignment with their energy, they can experience a sense of flow and ease in their lives.

Embodiment of Man Gen energy involves understanding and embracing the qualities that make up this unique energy. This includes being in touch with one's intuition, having a clear understanding of one's desires, and being able to take action quickly and decisively. It also involves having a strong sense of purpose and direction, as well as a willingness to adapt and change as needed.

One of the key aspects of embodying Man Gen energy is being able to identify and follow one's true passions and interests. Man Gens have a natural inclination towards exploring new ideas and trying out different things. This can lead them to feel restless or unfulfilled if they are not actively pursuing their interests. By embracing their passions and pursuing them with dedication and enthusiasm, Man Gens can tap into their full potential and live a fulfilling life.

This is something that I used to think of as a flaw in myself. When I was younger I was always pursuing different things. Jewellery making, card making, DJ-ing, running, writing to name a few! And I would focus on each of these things with intensity. My entire energy was taken up in pursuit of these interests. Until I was no longer interested in them and they fell by the wayside. My family and friends thought I couldn’t stay committed to any one thing and the label commitment-phobe soon became a belief I took on. I stopped pursuing things because I knew I’d never stick with them and instead of having hobbies that filled up my cup, I didn’t do anything except work and spend time with family and friends. I didn’t allow myself interests because I continued to think that it wouldn’t be long until I gave those up so there wasn’t any point in even trying out new things.

Luckily that belief changed and one I understood when I started studying Human Design! I see my multiple passions more of a superpower. Having the ability and interest in many things doesn’t mean I’m flaky or not committed. It just means I like a lot of different things and can always find something that interests me and excites me.

Another important aspect of Man Gen energy embodiment is learning to trust one's intuition. Man Gens are often highly intuitive and can sense when something is not quite right or when a particular opportunity is worth pursuing. By listening to their intuition and following its guidance, Man Gens can make decisions with greater confidence and clarity.

I was someone who always allowed the opinions and approval of others to determine what I did in life. Whether it was a restaurant meal, what to wear or where to go, I thought I was happy to let other people decide. But this blocked my own decision making process and my intuition. I lost my connection with myself in order to follow what others would say. I started to tap into my intuition, or rather my intuition started knocking at my door! I couldn’t ignore it any longer and I started to trust myself when opportunities would come my way.

In the past two years I’ve made my decisions by trusting myself and what I want to pursue. It’s taken a while to get to that place, but I know that each of the decisions I have made in the past two years have led me to where I am now. I have learned so much, from different mentors. I have set up my own business. I have written a book. I have met exciting and interesting people and travelled to places I had only dreamed of. All by following my intuition.

Man Gens are also known for their efficiency and ability to get things done quickly. However, it is important for Man Gens to ensure that they are not sacrificing quality for speed. Embodying Man Gen energy involves finding a balance between efficiency and quality, and being able to prioritise tasks based on their importance and impact.

In addition to being efficient, Man Gens are also adaptable and able to pivot quickly when circumstances change. Embodying Man Gen energy involves being open to new opportunities and willing to take risks when necessary. This can involve stepping out of one's comfort zone and exploring new areas of interest or taking on new challenges.

Starting my own coaching and Human Design business has taught me so much in terms of my Man Gen energy. Before I knew what my energy was all about, I would get frustrated whenever I would have to go back and repeat or adjust systems, content, coaching material that I’d been working on. And this wasn’t just in my own business. I realised that this also played out in my corporate job. I would write a document and try and get it done as quickly as possible, only to have it come back with feedback that had me going over the document again.

But I learned that this is something that Man Gens do. I am very efficient, but sometimes I do sacrifice quality. I’m learning to take some things more slowly so I don’t have to keep returning to them. Writing however seems to be well suited to this part of my energy. I will write a piece. And then go back to it later. Sometimes several times before I get my final version. And that is something that doesn’t frustrate me, because it is actually part of the writing process. One I really enjoy.

Finally, embodying Man Gen energy involves having a clear sense of purpose and direction. Man Gens are at their best when they have a clear goal or vision that they are working towards. By setting clear intentions and staying focused on their goals, Man Gens can channel their energy in a productive and meaningful way.

This is something that I never resonated with. Up until a few years ago, I never set goals for myself. I coasted along in my life and let it take me wherever it wanted to take me. When I hired my first coach and realised that setting goals would help me stop procrastinating and also give me a sense of achievement and purpose, it became part of my daily life. I don’t always know the exact steps I want to take, but I have an idea of where I am heading and what I need to do to get there.

Overall, embodying Man Gen energy requires a deep understanding and acceptance of oneself. It involves embracing one's unique qualities and strengths, while also being open to growth and change. By aligning with their true passions and intuition, Man Gens can tap into their full potential and create a life that is fulfilling and purposeful.

Human Design has helped me shape my life and give it direction, something I was severely lacking. Learning how to embody my Man Gen energy has seen my life take a completely different direction to what I thought it was going to take. And I am enjoying my life, every single day by following what lights me up and brings me joy and satisfaction.

What more could you want in life?

If you would like to learn more about Human Design and how it can help you understand yourself better and lead you to leading a joyful life, book a consultation with me today.

Much love,

Harmesch x

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