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Where to Start With The Gene Keys: A Beginners Guide

You’ve heard about Human Design, maybe even know what your Energy Type, Strategy and Authority are. Maybe you’ve already been experimenting with your Human Design. Now say hello to The Gene Keys.

The Gene Keys may look and sound like another woo-woo self-development tool, but they are so much more than that. This blog post will break down what you need to know before you start looking into your own Gene Keys.

What are the Gene Keys?

One of the most asked questions I get from my clients is ‘What is my purpose and how do I find it?’

Each of us is born with a gift. You may have heard people say that everyone is here for a reason. Your life or higher purpose is that reason or gift. But many of us do not seek out that purpose. For those who do, the Gene Keys can provide some illuminating information.

The Gene Keys are your own personal code. The 64 Gene Keys correlate with the 64 codons of our DNA and the 64 Hexagrams of the Chinese I-Ching.

The Gene Keys are teachings that can be explored in many different ways. They are a tool to awaken your inner being. Rather than a structured tool, they are designed for contemplation and for an individual to go at their own pace and trust themselves as they explore their own codes.

Where Human Design guides us ‘how’, the Gene Keys show us ‘why’. When we come to the decision to change our life many of us want that change to happen overnight. Working with the Gene Keys is a journey that requires more patience and slowing down.

How Do I Find My Gene Keys?

In order to find out which of the 64 Gene Keys are part of your own DNA you will need:

- your birth date;

- your birth time; and

- your birth location.

Once you have these, head to to get your Hologentic Profile

It will look something like this:

Gene Key Hologentic Profile showing the Activation Sequence, Venus Sequence and Pearl Sequence
Example of The Gene Keys Hologentic Profile

Each of us is unique and so our Gene Keys will differ. There are parts of the Profile that we all have. These being the Activation Sequence, the Venus Sequence and the Pearl Sequence. All of our individual Gene Keys also have a Shadow, Gift and Siddhi.

The Golden Path

The three sequences are collectively known as the Golden Path.

The Activation Sequence - discovering your genius through the four Prime Gifts

The Venus Sequence - opening your heart in relationships

The Pearl Sequence - attaining prosperity through service

Through contemplation of the Gene Keys within each sequence that make up your Golden Path, your life can go through significant and powerful transformation. If you want to learn more about your own Golden Path, head to and consider taking the Golden Path Program.

Shadows, Gifts and Siddhi

These are the three components of each Gene Key. Let’s take each one in turn.


You may have heard the terms ‘shadow work’ or ‘high vibe’. These are usually used by coaches, mentors, and healers in the self-development industry. In order to live in our ‘highest vibe’ or as our ‘highest self’ we are encouraged to look at and work on eliminating our shadow selves. These are the parts of us that keep our highest selves hidden and from radiating out into the world.

We can be the most positive people on the planet. We can live our life in positive ways. But it is not until we become aware of, acknowledge and begin to dislodge and decondition from these shadows that we can truly start to live as our authentic selves.


Just as each Gene Key contains a Shadow, it also contains a Gift. Once you start to accept and embrace your shadows, the true nature of each of the Gene Keys will be revealed. Your DNA will start to subtly change, leading you changes in your biochemistry. This will impact your life, your understanding of yourself and your belief systems. You will start to open up to the possibility of your life and working towards the Siddhi of each Gene Key.

Transforming your Shadows and living your Gifts will awaken the true power of your Aura. You will start to attract the people, opportunities and prosperity meant for you in this lifetime.


As you deepen into your gifts, the frequency (or vibe) that you live your life in will become higher and higher. It will become harder for you to return to the Shadow aspect of yourself once you fully embody your Gift and Siddhi and if you do, it will be for shorter and shorter periods of time.

How to use the Gene Keys

There are several ways to utilise the magic of the Gene Keys. But first a word of caution. As I’ve mentioned earlier in this post, the Gene Keys are a contemplative tool. They are not a ‘quick fix’ or a ‘one and done’ solution to situations you may be currently facing. They are instead designed to take you on a journey of yourself. To help you contemplate where the Shadow side of a Gene Key is playing out in your life and whether you are ready to take the step to transmute it so that you can embody the Gift instead.


The Venus Sequence looks at our relationships. Those in our family, friendships and intimate relationships. The Gene Keys in this sequence help us to unlock where we are still resisting or meeting challenges as we build and nurture relationships.

For example, if you are in a constant state of frustration with your parents or partner, contemplating the Gene Keys in this sequence could help you to uncover why this is, why this continually shows up in your life and give insights into how to move through it.

Your Authentic Self

The Activation Sequence can help you unlock your authentic self and shine your light out into the world. These are the Gene Keys that show you your purpose and the ones most clients want to work on!

Discovering your purpose and giving your life meaning can be done through contemplating the Gene Keys. As with all Gene Key work, this is not a given that once you know your purpose you can start to live it. There is work in transmuting your Shadows to enable you to pursue your purpose.


Prosperity has a different meaning for each of us. Our Gene Keys can indicate what and why that is. If you feel you are lacking prosperity in life and feel defeated as to how to turn this around, looking at your specific Gene Keys will help you unlock the areas of your own being that you may need to work on.

With all self-development work there is an important step that first needs to be taken. You, and only you, must make a choice. Are you ready to discover and face the truest parts of yourself? I have had clients who are eager to follow their purpose, find out why relationships are not working out or want to be and feel more authentic in life. Yet when presented with the information that could help them to achieve what they desire, they turn away.

It can be difficult to face the parts of us we have either been ignoring or do not particularly like about ourselves. It can be challenging to acknowledge and accept these parts. That is before the work to transform these shadows even begins.

For those who are ready to take that step and start to work towards becoming the person their DNA has created them to be, this journey can be fulfilling and bring significant change in who they be in this world and how they live their life.

If you are ready to explore the Gene Keys and use them to transform your life, please consider booking a consultation call with me. You can do that here.

Much love,

Harmesch x

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