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Welcome beautiful souls!

Welcome to my new website and my blog! As well as being passionate about developing my SELF personally, I also like to write.

So how did I get here, you may ask. It's been a long journey - well over 20 years of reading self help books, having therapy for depression and anxiety, indulging in and breaking toxic behaviours and relationships and generally trying to understand the world we live in.

I'm also passionate about mental health, having had to manage my own issues with it. And it was really that which first led me on a journey of self discovery and growth. I tapped into my spiritual side and it helped so much with dragging me out of my pit of doom. But it was a false

sense of belief, because it didn't take long for me to leave the tools I'd find behind and drop into even more toxic behaviours of drinking and surrounding myself with people who all seemed to be having their own struggles.

I had my first panic attack on my 40th birthday and it scared the living daylights out of me! But that was just the tip of the iceberg - I had unknowingly been in a bad mental space for a few years before and it took another three years before I could get to the top of the pit again.

Roll on five years and I'm in the best head space I've been since I can remember. And it's taken a lot of inward looking and self inquiry to get here. But the journey is not over and I don't believe it ever is. Because if we stop learning and growing, are we even living?

About 2 years ago I discovered yoga and it finally made me change my life. It took me in a completely different direction and again made me look inside my SELF to try and figure out what I wanted and what I am here to do.

And that's what has brought me to coaching and guiding others on their SELF development journey.

If you want to stick around and feed your mind, I'll be happy to host you!

H x

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