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My mission is to support women to live a life they love through radical self love, self acceptance and authenticity.

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 - Self Love

- Self Acceptance

- Sovereignty

- Authenticity


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I'm Harmesch, a Personal Freedom Coach and Author.

Growing up in a Sikh family, I always thought I would follow the same path as my mum, aunts, cousins and generations before me. Getting married and raising children.

However, things didn't work out that way. From the age of 17 when I first told my parents that I wasn't going to have an arranged marriage, I've been walking my own path in life, one different to those in my family before me.

It has been challenging at times. I've had slip ups where I tried to fit in with those around or follow the same paths as they were. But I never felt happy with my life or as if I was being the REAL ME.

I've finally accepted that my life looks different to those around me, and that's okay! I feel more myself than I ever have.


Certified by the Dharma Coaching Institute and trained in Human Design, ​I'm here, ready to share everything I have learned along the way, to support you on your own personal freedom journey so that you can create and live the life you want.

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