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It's time to create your version of HAPPY


Harmesch believes that being a stand for your own life can take you from survival/existence mode to a life of thriving and fulfilment.


When people find Harmesch, it is usually after a challenge where their life has been put on hold.  They may have been experiencing mental health challenges, taken time out to raise children, been dealing with the ending of a relationship or transitioning through a major life milestone. Although they have got to the other side of their challenge, their confidence has taken a knock and is stopping them from stepping back into life and moving forward.

Harmesch believes that you have to consciously CHOOSE your life in order to take the steps to fulfillment. She has spent over 20 years treading the path of self development, therapy and coaching and has found the nervous system to be the secret to long lasting change and transformation. Although mindset work is necessary, unless conscious level changes are made in parallel with addressing the nervous system, any change will be short-lived. She guides her clients away from these surface-level and often short-lived solutions towards digging deeper so that real and sustainable progress is made. She has helped clients go from feeling unclear and unable to make decisions to move forward in life to finally having the acceptance and confidence they need to heal and find new direction.


She provides a safe space to get curious about what life could be like and encourages clients to enter 'THE VOID' so that they can create their own version of happy.

You can experience some of Harmesch’s work by downloading a FREE copy of THE LIFE AUDIT: The First Step To Creating Your Version Of Happy.

Image by Markus Winkler

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