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Are you ready to find your flow in life?

Welcome... I'm Harmesch, a 
nervous system informed coach 
and writer...

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I believe that being a stand for your own life can take you from a survival/existence mode to a life of thriving and fulfilment.


When people find me, it is usually after a period of self-development and growth which hasn't given them the outcome they were looking for, and they still find themselves feeling challenged in life and lacking purpose and direction. For some people, their initial desire for growth has been prompted by life transitions such as changing career, reaching a life milestone, the ending of a relationship or children leaving the nest.

I’ve been on a self-development journey since I was diagnosed with clinical depression in my twenties. I read as many self-help and philosophical books as I could get my hands on, hoping to find answers as to why I felt the way I did. These helped to a point and I started to lead a better life than I’d experienced up until then. But it wasn’t until I learned what a key part the nervous system played in every area of life that everything started to fall into place.


Since 2022, I’ve delved into my nervous system and worked with a nervous system coach to unpick and unravel the behaviours, patterns and beliefs that were still holding me back in life.


Over my 20+ years of self-development, therapy and coaching I've found the nervous system to be the secret to long lasting change and transformation. Although mindset work is necessary, unless conscious level changes are made in parallel with addressing the nervous system, any change will be short-lived. I support my clients move away from surface-level and often short-lived solutions towards digging deeper so that real and sustainable progress is made.


I've helped clients go from feeling unclear and unable to make decisions to move forward in life to finally having the acceptance and confidence they need to heal and find new direction.


I provide a safe space for clients to get curious about how their nervous system plays out in their own life so that they can start to find their own flow in life. 

You can experience some of my work by downloading a FREE copy of: THE LIFE AUDIT: The First Step To Creating Your Version Of Happy.

Image by Markus Winkler

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