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Are you on a self development journey and questioning your next steps?

V.I.P. is for you if:

You are struggling to justify:

  • The time investment for a coaching programme or 1:1 coach

  • The financial investment for deeper self development and reflection

  • Time away from work or your loved ones to explore your own desires and what you want from life

You are having doubts about:

  • Whether the journey so far has made any difference to your life

  • Whether you can truly make significant change in your life

  • Whether to continue on this self development path


V.I.P. makes you the star of the show.


It puts you front & centre for an entire day to help you reach clarity so that you can move forward with confidence. 


  • A day out of your normal routine to focus on yourself without distraction

  • A confidence boost that re-ignites your passion for life

  • Actionable steps to reprioritise your dreams

  • Feeling truly seen, heard and supported



V.I.P. is a personalised 1:1 session that puts you front and centre


Pre-session call

V.I.P. day in London*

Post-session notes

2 weeks of post support via Telegram

Closing call

*online sessions are also available

Please book a discovery session so we can discuss your individual needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the V.I.P. session held?

  • All sessions will be held in London.

  • An online session option is available for clients who do not wish to travel. The online sessions are 3.5 hours long as opposed to the entire day for the in person session.

How long should I allow for the session?

  • V.I.P. is a day long experience unless you choose the online session. 

What happens after the V.I.P. session?

  • During the day I will be taking notes on our discussions and any actionable items. You will be provided post-session notes within 5 business days of our session.

  • You will receive support via Telegram for 2 weeks.

  • You will have a closing call to wrap up our time together.

How do I know whether V.I.P. is for me?

  • V.I.P. is for women who have already undertaken some self development whether this is through self study, online courses or with other coaches. 

  • V.I.P. is for women who want to 'try on' coaching and who may not yet be ready to make a significant time or financial investment.

  • V.I.P. is for women who want to see if coaching is the path for them before committing to a longer term programme.

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