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For the woman who wants to
live her PURPOSE and CREATE her dream life


Are you ready to awaken the infinite possibilities of your life?

Are you ready to wake up to a JUICY, INSPIRED and PURPOSEFUL life?

If so, I invite you to join

The Queen Codes...

I'm here to remind you that your purpose is NOT about what you are here to DO.
It is about WHO you are here to BE.


  • Making decisions that create the life you want

  • Having unshakeable trust in yourself

  • Having the confidence to finally pursue your passions

  • Loving all parts of yourself so deeply that your relationships thrive

  • Feeling inspired by your own life

  • Creating a life with clarity and confidence

  • Living unapologetically as the Queen you are

You've been led to believe that to find and live your purpose:

  • Your purpose has to be glamorous or high-paid

  • You have to stick to one thing

  • Your purpose is too difficult or time consuming to discover

  • Your purpose will remain fixed for the rest of your life

  • Your purpose will bring you happiness

To live your purpose, you need to discover who YOU truly are.

That's why I created THE QUEEN CODES


It's time to put down the person you've been living as up until now and find the Queen you were born to be.


I see you Queen...

  • You have read the self-help books

  • You have done the online courses

  • You have attended the masterclasses

  • You have invested and committed to the coaching programmes




  • You are still stuck in a life that you feel is lacking purpose and meaning

  • You know that you want change but you don't want to spend time or money on another course or programme that turns out like all the others you've tried

I have been where you are... 


Stuck in a life which from the outside looked perfect, but was unfulfilling and lacked purpose.

I've spent over 20 years trying one thing and another to find my purpose. It wasn't until Human Design and Gene Keys showed me who I was and who I was here to be.

This is why my mission is to inspire as many women as possible to discover who they truly are so they can start living more fulfilled and purposeful lives.

How To Unlock YOUR Codes


Human Design gives you the blueprint of YOU. It guides you in how to make decisions to bring you into alignment with your life.


Gene Keys are a living wisdom. They are used to contemplate and make changes to your life as you learn to live your purpose.


Long term and sustainable life change can not be made without healing and supporting your nervous system.


'...she has a special way of calling me forward and holding me to my highest standard. She holds me with so much integrity and is an embodiment of the work she has done.'

Laniece - USA

'...Thank you for all the support and fun. Thank you for being my inspiration in merging a soft vulnerability and fine perspective on me with your rock solid, grounded intuition. Thank you for witnessing me grow free!'

- Anne - Germany

'Working with Harmesch gave me the clarity, confidence and motivation to achieve my career goals. She helped to focus my mind on what was important to push myself to the next level. Harmesch gave me direction and brought passion back into my life!'

- Jess - UK

3 Pillars Of My Method


Before we take any steps forward, we must acknowledge where we are and how we came to be there.


Learning to love ourselves to the deepest part of our core is essential. It's how we love others and show others how to love us. Accepting ALL parts of us (even those we're not too fond of) is key to meeting your Inner Queen.


Surrender and allow yourself to fully experience this journey. This isn't about control or fixing. It's about allowing yourself to feel and experience everything that life has available for you.

The Queen Codes Programme

2 x coaching sessions each month 

Support in-between sessions viaTelegram 

A full Human Design Reading (PDF Document)

A Gene Key Profile with key points (PDF Document)


Opening ceremony

Closing ceremony

VIP In Person session

EFT sessions

Meet Your Coach

Harmesch is a Life Coach and Author of ‘The Empowered Soul: Guidance and Inspiration to Create a Life You Love’. 

Raised in the Sikh religion and Punjabi culture there was always a strong expectation that she would have an arranged marriage and raise children. However, these expectations never materialised despite numerous matrimonial introductions. 

Feeling lost, lacking purpose and still trying to ‘fit in’ to cultural and societal standards, she experienced clinical depression and anxiety for much of her life. That was until she chose to take radical responsibility and turn her life around. 

Fast forward to the present day and Harmesch is living her purpose and creating a life she doesn’t need or want a holiday from.

Working with the modalities of Human Design, Gene Keys, Nervous System work, Inner Child work and traditional coaching, she supports women to reclaim their power and sovereignty. Her mission is to inspire women to lead their own inspired lives through self love, self trust and self acceptance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Human Design and Gene Keys?
  • Human Design gives you the blueprint to ‘how’ and Gene Keys give you the blueprint to ‘what’. They compliment each other so that coaching is a rounded and individualistic experience.

How long is this programme?
  • This is a minimum 4 month journey into your Queen Codes. Several options are available. Please book a discovery session to discuss your individual needs.

Will I be taught Nervous System Work?
  • Although the programme contains nervous system work this is not a teaching programme. You will be given exercises to compliment coaching, but you will not be taught nervous system work in a way that enables you to teach this to others.

  • If you are looking to specifically learn about the nervous system, I recommend finding a coach/teacher who specialises in mentoring people who wish to use this work with their own clients.

What is expected of me?
  • You will get out of the programme as much as you wish to put in. Some of the practices may be required daily and others may require time and space to be made for reflection. I encourage sovereignty so you get to decide!


What work will I be expected to do in between sessions?
  • This depends on what we discuss in your coaching sessions. You may be offered Inner Child Healing work, somatic practice work for your nervous system, journal prompts to assist in deeper reflection especially in relation to the Gene Keys.

  • I am here to support and guide you, but you ultimately get to choose what feels good and beneficial for you.


I’ve done other coaching/self-development before which didn’t give me the results I wanted. How do I know this isn’t like other coaching programmes?
  • I support you with your nervous system as well as using traditional coaching methods. This sometimes means that ‘breakthroughs’ are more subtle than you may experience with other programmes.

  • I encourage my clients to visualise how they want to feel at the end of our time together. We will set any desires together and which will be driven by you. Focus will be on the feeling rather than the outcome.

  • I empower my clients to build self confidence and self trust so that actions and decisions are made from nervous system safety and that you can continue to grow and progress once our time together is complete.


What happens if I haven’t made much progress at the end of our time together?
  • No coaching programme can guarantee results. My aim is to help you feel supported and safe as you make decisions and progress using your Human Design and Gene Key blueprints as a guide.​

  • Progress is also dependent on the work you do outside of our coaching sessions, something you get to choose.

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