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The Nervous System Led Life

A 1:1 coaching programme to support you in living life through a Nervous System Lens

It’s time to stop resisting life and start relaxing into it…

No one ever said that life would be easy, but I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that it wouldn't feel this difficult.
Every day we are bumping up against life and its challenges but sometimes it can all start to feel just a little too much. We can start to get despondent and feel down on our luck.
So we do what we think we should do.
We take courses, read books, hire mentors and coaches in the name of self-development and growth. But when we still feel as if we’re not moving forward in our lives, it can leave us feeling downhearted and discouraged from going any further.
It can leave us wondering whether it’s time we accepted that this is how life is, roll up our sleeves and just get on with it.
But what if this crossroads in your personal growth journey was an opportunity to find a different way? A way that you didn’t know about or hadn’t considered?
What if the mindset shifts, the belief breaking, pattern shifting and habit making were meant to take you to this point, so that you can take the leap into something much more subtle, slow and transformational?
What if now is the time in your self-development journey to go that little bit deeper?
I want to invite you to experience life through a NERVOUS SYSTEMS LENS…

I believe that our nervous system underpins every part of our lives. But I also believe it’s the part of us that doesn’t get included in the conversation when we are looking to make change in our lives. Instead we look to quick-fixes and hacks in order to feel better and to improve our lives.
Unfortunately, these same quick-fixes and hacks are short-term and lead us back to square one, feeling disappointment and frustration at our lack of progress.

Me outside a deli

Reaching transitional moments in life can be the catalyst for great change.
Whether we are experiencing a career change; navigating a health issue; our children leaving the nest; changes in our relationship status; or a lack of purpose or direction, when our usual tools and tricks are no longer working, it may leave us wondering where we’re going wrong.

I want to let you know that there is hope...

I know that every course, book and coach you come across seems to be telling you what you already know. 
I know that you feel that there is nowhere else to turn.
I know that you still want more for your life.
I know that you want your life to feel purposeful and have meaning.
I know that you want to feel confident in your decision-making.
I know that you want to feel self-assured and confident in who you are.


I know that you are afraid that this will be a programme or course like all the rest. One where your expectations or desires are only partly met.
But this isn’t a programme that changes your external world. 
It’s a programme that looks at your internal world. The world that every part of your life has been lived through without you even noticing.


The Nervous System Led Life is a programme where you will:
- be shown key nervous system concepts so that you can apply them to your daily life

- be encouraged to use the skills of curiosity and enquiry to gain perspective on life as it is now, and life as you may want it to be

- be supported to take ownership of your sovereignty so that you are in the driving seat of your life

- start to view your life holistically rather than focusing on one particular area of life

- no longer outsource your decisions, instead making decisions from a place of self-trust

The NSL (Nervous System Led) Framework


Baseline of Safety


The NSL (Nervous System Led) framework uses the above key concepts.
These key concepts as well as others used in the programme, consist of nervous system work, somatic work and traditional coaching methods

Why should you choose me to support you on this journey?
I have spent over 20 years on my self-development journey, but it wasn’t until I started working with my nervous system that I started to experience the deep healing and transformation that I had been looking for.

I spent 6 months in a Nervous System Leadership programme and then went on to a further year of 1:1 Nervous System coaching with my coach and mentor Kari Azuma.

I am now in the day-to-day mastery of my nervous system and continue my own research and education of the nervous system from teachers such as Dr. Stephen Porges (Polyvagal Theory), Deb Dana and Irene Lyon.
In 2021 I completed a 6 month ICF accredited coaching qualification from the Dharma Coaching Institute.


This programme is for you if:
- you have done some self-development work but feel the mindset shifts, pattern breaking and creating, belief shifting and habit making are no longer working for you
- you are open to curiosity and enquiry rather than absolutes
- you are open to small, subtle changes in life and yourself

This programme is not for you if:
- you are looking for a definitive result or outcome
- you are looking for an authority or ‘guru’ to tell you what to do
- you are looking for quick fixes to challenges you are experiencing in life
- you are not ready to go on the rewarding,  yet often confronting, inward journey
- looking for a course or programme to teach you nervous system work in order to lead or coach others


'...she has a special way of calling me forward and holding me to my highest standard. She holds me with so much integrity and is an embodiment of the work she has done.'

Laniece - USA

'...Thank you for all the support and fun. Thank you for being my inspiration in merging a soft vulnerability and fine perspective on me with your rock solid, grounded intuition. Thank you for witnessing me grow free!'

- Anne - Germany

'Working with Harmesch gave me the clarity, confidence and motivation to achieve my career goals. She helped to focus my mind on what was important to push myself to the next level. Harmesch gave me direction and brought passion back into my life!'

- Jess - UK

The Nervous System Led Life

2 x coaching sessions each month 

Support in-between sessions via Telegram 


In Person sessions

EFT sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the programme?
  • I recommend that clients spend a 6 months in this programme, however there are 4 and 9 month options available.

Will I be taught Nervous System Work?
  • The 'Nervous System Led Life' is NOT a teaching programme. I will cover key nervous system concepts with you during our coaching sessions and which you will be encouraged to integrate into your daily life. You will not be taught nervous system work in a way that enables you to teach this to others or coach others.

  • If you are looking to specifically learn about the nervous system, I recommend finding a coach, teacher or course that specialises in this extensive work.

What is expected of me?
  • I encourage clients to be curious, inquisitive and explore perspectives and avenues they may not have thought about before.

  • I encourage clients to be patient with themselves because working with the nervous system is more subtle than other coaching techniques.

  • I will cover key nervous system concepts to aid our coaching, however coaching is expected to be led by the clients needs and the support they require during the programme.


What work will I be expected to do in between sessions?
  • This is dependant on what we discuss in your coaching sessions. You may be offered inner reflection work, some physical practices or active practices, but ultimately you have the sovereignty to choose what and how far you take this.

  • I would advise setting time aside each day or week to dive into any work offered.

  • I am here to support and guide you, but you ultimately get to choose what feels good and beneficial for you.

What are the In Person sessions held?
  • These are held in London, UK.


I’ve done other coaching/self-development before which didn’t give me the results I wanted. How do I know this isn’t like other coaching programmes?
  • I support you with your nervous system as well as using traditional coaching methods. This sometimes means that ‘breakthroughs’ are more subtle than you may have experienced with other programmes.

  • I encourage my clients to visualise how they want to feel at the end of our time together. We will set any desires together and which will be driven by you. Focus will be on the feeling rather than the outcome.

  • I empower my clients to build self confidence and self trust so that actions and decisions are made from nervous system safety and that you can continue to grow and progress once our time together is complete.

  • This programme is not for clients who have a definitive outcome in mind and are set on working towards that outcome.


What happens if I haven’t made much progress at the end of our time together?
  • No coaching programme can guarantee results. My aim is to help you feel supported and safe as you make decisions and progress towards your goals.​

  • Progress is also dependent on the work you do outside of our coaching sessions, something you get to choose.

  • There will be regular checkpoints during the programme to ensure you are getting the most of our time together.

  • Clients have access to a Telegram chat between coaching sessions which offers the opportunity to discuss and receive support on what the client needs.

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